Air ambulance lands at golf course

Basildon Council has approved plans for an air ambulance landing base at Basildon Golf Club, close to the hospital.

Image courtesy of Holly Butler

The new base for Essex and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance will replace the informal helipad at the former campus of South Essex College, which is moving to Basildon town centre.

The land, which is designated green belt and open space, is owned by the council, and isn't in use by the golf club.

Adele Brown, chairman of Basildon Council’s planning committee, said: "The Essex and Herts Air Ambulance advised that Basildon Hospital is the second busiest hospital they currently serve as it contains the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, so the loss of a landing area could have resulted in patients not receiving the care they need at the earliest opportunity."

"The current helipad at the college is used about twice a week, but it is hoped having a base closer to the hospital will result in greater use."

The air ambulance can use the land for a maximum of five years, while a permanent site is sought. 



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