CPO for Beechwood Village

Basildon Council has approved plans for the compulsory purchase of 33 privately owned properties and the demolition of 71 council-owned homes to allow work to start on the north phase of the Craylands estate regeneration.

Beechwood village north phase: proposed view along Mews Street

Known as Beechwood Village, the scheme involves the demolition of 521 properties, which will be replaced with 994 new homes.

Land subject to the agreed compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) will be transferred to the developer, Swan Housing Association, in December 2018. 

A spokesperson for the council said the CPOs needed to be put in place “as a precaution to ensure the land is ready for redevelopment” and that failure to put these measures in place would result in “costly delays”. 

They added that residents of council or housing association-owned properties will be rehoused, while current homeowners will be offered “full market value, plus 10% compensation and legal costs”. 

Planning permission for Beechwod West, the last phase of the development, was given in November 2016

Councillor Phil Turner, leader of Basildon Council, said the local authority would be dealing “sensitively” with those affected by the CPOs, adding: “We have a good track record of not having to use CPOs but it is still a necessary part of the development process. Homeowners have been contacted at the earliest opportunity and we will work closely with them to ensure they get the fairest deal possible.”


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